Buying Tickets

When you click "Buy" on an event, you are shown a detail of the event with the date(s) and venue location(s) for that performer/event. The radio button next to the event should be selected and the event highlighted. Click the "purchase" button at the bottom of the screen.

On the next screen, choose the seating level you want (or GA/general admission) and the quantity of tickets you want, then click "add to order".
On the "My Order" screen, confirm that you have chosen the event and quantities you want. If you are ready to purchase, click "Secure Checkout"; or "Continue Shopping" to buy tickets for another event.
Clicking "Update" will refresh the prices to match the quantities and shipping. To remove tickets from your order, select "Remove these tickets from my order" directly under the "delivery" field.

When you click "Checkout," you will be asked for your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information. These fields are all required to place an order. If you are signed in, everything will be filled out except your credit card information.

While your order is processing, do not click the "back" or "reload" buttons on your browser: it could cause the system to place your order twice! If you do not receive an order number or authorization code, you may safely click back or reload to try again.

If you card is declined or you experience an errors, you will have the opportunity to check your information and try again, or you can call us and use the order number provided. If your order is accepted successfully, you can click "Printable Receipt" to get a printed version of your receipt, but note that we will also email the receipt to the address you provided.